Thursday, June 19, 2014


it finally happened

it's pretty funny that, like mrbtongue*, wong ultimately has a soft spot for mass effect despite it being all the things he's listing off as shitty

also i probably would have added an entry for "things looking stupid as shit" but you can't have everything

*for the record mrbtongue is undoubtedly the most respectable games theorist on youtube; the fact that he has only two attributes that i dislike should make it pretty clear that he's heads and shoulders above the rest of the video game world

as for me,


  1. Fare thee well, oh honey, fare thee well.

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  3. rips

  4. "has a soft spot for mass effect despite it being all the things he's listing off as shitty"
    If they hadn't a soft spot for all it did right then the funeral march that was ME2 plot and ME3 (all the way until the ending) would be just another drop in the ocean of shit, and they wouldn't be hurt/pissed at all cause its just another Thuesday for them. There would be nothing to care for when everything goes to shit, no one to root for, and therefore nothing of value would be lost, right?

    Either that or they just remember it fondly as the "last" series Bioware made before going full pandering retard:

    And now some minor nitpicks for the Cracked:
    "Clearly white Minecraft guy"
    Also he looks a bit brown in the game rather than white.

    "A white guy wrote that!"
    And people like that actually exist. Blame it on the "we must make games MOAR real!" shit:

    "But I guess this is as far as the medium can go, just shooting and/or jumping over obstacles? Sure, on PC, you have games like Dear Esther which is really just a short story that you "read" by wandering around an island, unlocking passages along the way. It's apparently pretty cool, but there's barely any game there."
    And barely any plot and good writing either. Its almost like people hate it NOT because it ISN'T a game but because its too far up its own ass to know that it didn't do what it was trying to do very well. Then again, the writer said it was intentional to make it obtuse as fuck. ?

    Gamers hate this kind of shit because they KNOW, just like with the ME3 ending fiasco, that the "Auteurs" are too full of themselves to admit they fucked up their artsy game that doesn't want to be a game, and that the "journalist" are too busy praising an assholes like this at the expense of credibility and the entire medium:

    If they dont admit they fucked up then they wont learn, and if they dont then how can they improve and go beyond the "shooty/jumpy/videogamey" stuff we have if they KEEP calling their turd a work of Art?

    "#3. Game Mechanics That Remind You It's a Game"
    So i guess you are upset that a Theater play has all the cardboard scenery and the act curtain near it, constantly reminding you that it is, indeed, a Theater?

    Wait a second, who the fuck is Wong and why is he/she/it a catalist for "i am done"? Didn't you have a mental breakdown with more legitimate issues?

    Tell you what, why dont you make a Swan Song before going away? how about....exploring the believability of people embracing artists like they are fucking saints and can't do no wrong, to the detriment of a whole industry? or exploring the believability of people regurgitating "facts and research" without ACTUALLY reading them or even knowing if they are up to standards?

    You know, stuff worth writing for.

    1. As a extra note on the "Stop Being Stereotypical" thing:

      They literally hired criminals and gansters to talk like that. If they found the roles they did offensive you would think that the developers would be dead by now, but i guess the video show on the Cracked article was a "spot on" representation:


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